Brian Hodgson Guitar/Vocal/Moog, Steve Archer – Bass.

Maurice Raey on drums all tracks.  

Lonely Man
Devils Soldier
Second Best (BJ Special)
I’ll be Back
Crying as I fall

TIME WILL TELL/LONELY MAN – 7″ Vinyl Single – Released 1981


IT’s UNHEARD OF – 12″ Vinyl Album – Rare Compilation of unknown 80’s Rock Bands



WILL TO SURVIVE CD – released 2005

Ton of Bricks

Don’t Look Down

Lonely Man

Crying as I fall

BJ Special

Time will Tell

Will to Survive

Heavy Handed


HEADONIZM – released 2005

I’ll be Back

Devils Soldier

Mushrooms and Beer

Death Lesson


Feel I’m Fallin’


HAMMERHEAD – evolution

The roots of the band can be traced to the early 70s

The Bitter Harvest/Judas/Hammerhead connection.



‘Dobin’ Long – Vocals, Brian Hodgson – Guitar, Paul Sherwin – Bass, Baz Ellwood – Drums.

Bitter Harvest


Neil Scott – Bass, ‘Klaus’ Clark – Guitar, Hank Stewart/Dave Jordan – Drums, Brian Hodgson – Guitar/Vocals, Alan Nelson – Vocals.

The line up of Bitter Harvest changed and evolved over a period of a few years until eventually Brian Hodgson left to form his own band, bass player Steve Archer was asked to join this new line up and he quickly agreed to play with a guitar player that he had really admired for his work with Bitter Harvest and Judas, It was an opportunity too good to turn down.

New material was written to augment songs that Brian already helped to write with Bitter Harvest, ‘I’ll be back’ and ‘Feel I’m Falling’ were among some of first to be written (both just been given a new lease of life on the ‘Headonizm’ album).

Drummer Dave Heaney was soon brought on board and gigs undertaken under the name ‘Destroyer’.

In 1975 the band played the N.M.E. Battle of the bands at Newcastle University finishing runners-up in the northern heat, this line up lasted for a short while, but Brian eventually left to rejoin a revitalised Bitter Harvest, however, things didn’t work out and the band parted company and never played together again.

Steve and Brian were reunited again shortly afterwards when Steve was asked to join another outfit that Brian was involved with called ‘Flight’, (later to be re-named ‘Hot Property’), this band concentrated more on playing ‘covers’ and had a much more commercial sound than the loud and heavy style of playing that they both favoured.

This band featured some of the areas other top musicians; Tucker McCombe on guitar, John Moor on drums, and vocalist Roger Ackerley, (Roger would go on to spend many years being a very valued member of the Hammerhead crew, and is still a great friend of the band).

Another friend of the band and invaluable crew member at this point in time and for many years to come, was Alex McClure.

As time progressed, Brian and Steve could not shake off the urge to write and play their own compositions, and one night whilst supporting a rock band called ‘Taurus’ at a local venue called ‘The Down Under Club’ their minds were made up “That is what we should be doing!!!” they both agreed, it was now around 1976/7.

The search for a third member of the band was ended only fifty yards from Brian’s front door when neighbour / friend / drummer; Maurice Reay agreed to join the line up, a list was put together consisting largely of songs from the ‘Destroyer’ set list, plus a couple of new tunes; ‘Ton of bricks’ and ‘Lonely Man’.

These new songs were added into the set just prior to their first gig at another local venue called; ‘The Matador’, with time closing in, and the gig fast approaching, the band still hadn’t settled on a name, and were under pressure from the venue manager Barry Jennings to come up with something/anything, as he wanted press on and advertise the gig!

Over a few drinks the boys pondered and discussed their problem, in the end a new band name was chosen, but to this day nobody can recall who actually suggested HAMMERHEAD!

At some point during this period in Hammerheads formative stage, Brian saw Buzz Elliott who was only 15 at the time, playing in a band with a bunch of school mates called; ‘Eight Hertz’ and invited him to meet up for a jam session to see how things would sound.


The pair got on really well, and also played well together, so a rehearsal was arranged; this was essentially Brian jamming with Buzzs band, and also a great singer that Brian knew called Graham Cayton.

‘Ton of Bricks’ and ‘Lochinvar’ were both practiced at this one-off rehearsal, Buzz and Brian also got together on several occasions to go over a few songs and try things out, but nothing came out of this for a while.

Brian and Steve continued with Hammerhead as a three piece until eventually they came to the decision that some of the songs would benefit from the addition of a second guitarist, and so in 1979 Buzz was asked to join as a full time member of the band, and immediately began to help write new songs and also write additional parts to the existing songs.

With the addition of Baz Elwood, who had been the drummer in JUDAS, the band was now complete, and they continued together playing live, writing and recording, for around five years with this line up.

Key Events in the bands History:

Brian and Buzzs 1 st ever loud practice together
1977 Brian Hodgson – guitar vocals, Buzz Elliott – guitar vocals, Steve Wilson – Bass, Paul Knowles – Drums, Graham Cayton – Vocals.

Hammerhead beginning to play live and in the studio
1977/8 Brian Hodgson Guitar Vocals, Steve Archer – Bass, Maurice Raey – Drums demo recorded at Jimmy Henshaw studio in Carlisle.

1979 – Buzz Elliott joins Line up full time on Guitar and Vocals Baz Ellwood joins the line up on the drums

1981 – Time will Tell studio session at Linden Sounds with Guy Forrester as engineer

1984 – Mike Thorburn from Carlisle band ‘Black Axe’ joins us as a temporary member (just to help us out for a few months).

1984/5 – Frank Hall (formerly of Necromandus & Nerves) joins the line up as our full time drummer.

1984 – Keyboard player David Taylor joins up as a part time member of the band to help out with some gigs.

1984 – Buzz quits the band as a full time member, but continues to help out with occasional gigs from time to time.

1984 – Don’t Look Down and Lochinvar recorded at Linden Sounds with Billy Branch as lead singer, and Guy Forrester as studio engineer.

1985/6 – former Necromandus guitarist Baz Dunnery (brother of Francis Dunnery from It Bites) joins up for a very brief stint with the band.

1986 – Keyboard player David Taylor joins up again for a few more gigs.

1986 – With general interest in the band dwindling, Brian and Frank join the Plateau line up; this lasts less than a year, a handful of gigs are played and a 2 track demo recorded.

1987 – 1996 – virtually no activity, only a handful of local gigs are played with the help of another drummer; Tyrone Larmour during this time, Buzz, Steve and Tyrone also help out another local ‘singer’ Dez Rumney with a few of his spectacular Black Sabbath shows during this period.

1995/6 – Brian gets everyone together for a one night session in a different studio, ‘The Music Farm’, these demos were not really suitable for release to the public until some overdubs were made in 2005, the two main songs that were recorded that night were ‘Will to Survive’ and ‘Crying as I fall’, there were a few other songs recorded but the sound was not acceptable on them.

Brian Guitar/vocals, Buzz Guitar/vocals/keyboards, Steve Archer bass, Tyrone Larmour – drums

1996 – 2005 no activity other than a few minor local appearances with the above line up.

2005 – reformed to play at a friends birthday and decided to rehearse for another studio session at Linden Sounds with Guy Forrester as studio engineer.

2005 – Headonism recorded at Linden Sounds studio on the 28 th Oct and 12 th Nov, initially 75 copies are made with the original running order…

2006 – Running order of tracks changed to help fit vinyl format after an offer to release it by HIGH ROLLER RECORDS in Germany, it was decided to retain the new running order for future CD’s and the spelling of album title was revised to ‘HEADONIZM’

Lochinvar Poem

by Sir Walter Scott

O young Lochinvar is come out of the west,
Through all the wide Border his steed was the best;
And save his good broadsword he weapons had none.
He rode all unarm’d, and he rode all alone.
So faithful in love, and so dauntless in war,
There never was knight like the young Lochinvar
He staid not for brake, and he stoppd not for stone.
He swam the Eske river where ford there was none;
But ere he alighted at Netherby gate,
The bride had consented, the gallant came late:
For a laggard in love, and a dastard in war,
Was to wed the fair Ellen of brave Lochinvar.
So boldly he enter’d the Netherby Hall,
Among bride’s-men, and kinsmen, and brothers and all:
Then spoke the bride’s father, his hand on his sword,
(For the poor craven bridegroom said never a word,)
‘O come ye in peace here, or come ye in war.
Or to dance at our bridal. young Lord Lochinvar?’
‘I long woo’d your daughter, my suit you denied;-
Love swells like the Solway, but ebbs like its tide-
And now I am come, with this lost love of mine.
To lead but one measure, drink one cup of wine.
There are maidens in Scotland more lovely by far,
That would gladly be bride to the young Lochinvar.’
The bride kiss’d the goblet: the knight took it up.
He quaff’d off the wine, and he threw down the cup.
She lookd down to blush. and she look’d up to sigh.
With a smile on her lips and a tear in her eye.
He took her soft hand, ere her mother could bar, –
‘Now tread we a measure!’ said young Lochinvar.
So stately his form, and so lovely her face.
That never a hall such a galliard did grace;
While her mother did fret, and her father did fume,
And the bridegroom stood dangling his bonnet and plume;
And the bride-maidens whisper’d, “Twere better by far
To have match’d our fair cousin with young Lochinvar.’
One touch to her hand, and one word in her ear.
When they reach’d the hall-door, and the charger stood near;
So light to the croupe the fair lady he swung,
So light to the saddle before her he sprung!
‘She is won! we are gone, over bank, bush, and scaur;
Theyll have fleet steeds that follow’, quoth young Lochinvar.
There was mounting ‘mong Graemes of the Netherby clan;
Forsters, Fenwicks, and Musgraves, they rode and they ran:
There was racing and chasing on Cannobie Lee,
But the lost bride of Netherby ne’er did they see.
So daring in love, and so dauntless in war,
Have ye e’er heard of gallant like young Lochinvar?